Dermot Kennedy at Vinilo Record Store, Southampton.

Welcome back home slices.

Tonight we are reviewing the performance of the incredibly talented Dermot Kennedy at the Vinilo Record Store in Southampton.

Let me first start by talking about this venue. It’s quite frankly a crime I’ve never been here before. A crime to my musical venue attendance. She may be small but by god, this venue was fierce. This place offers something that is hard to find; in a venue or a partner, Intimacy. You feel like you could reach out and touch the stage, because you pretty much can. I can 100% say I will be returning to this venue and doing more pieces because I love it. You can check them out on Facebook here, Twitter here, Instagram here and check out their website here.

Before I get into reviewing Dermot, I just wanted to talk about his drummer. Now if you read my music reviews often you know that I will always watch a drummer and usually be really jealous of their talent. This guy though, my little drummer self was straight up star struck. To the point that after the show, you know I wondered up to that poor man and straight up fan girled over him and his kit.

Honestly, what a talented man. You can check him out on Instagram here. You won’t be disappointed, I can promise you that.

Right, I’ve had my little fan girl moment over the drummer, now to the main event.

I only started listening to this incredibly talented singer around 5 months ago, when a friend of mine introduced me to his song Lost.

I had no idea how important that song would become to me. I’m going to share a really emotional moment with you now, dear readers. This song was introduced to me as my grandfather got incredibly sick. Listening to it for the first time I found myself sobbing because it touched me in a way I didn’t know was possible.

With my mental health in a really crappy place and the imminent death of the person that can only be described as my hero, this song just put everything into perspective for me.

When my Grandfather passed, this was the first song I listened to. I sat, clutching some whisky, and I cried. This song means more to me than I think I can completely put into words. This song is something I’ll have the lyrics to tattooed into me; because it’s now part of my heart. So I have to sincerely thank Mr Kennedy for writing and releasing it. I know it’s cheesy but hey, it’s heartfelt.

Hearing this played live, I have no shame in saying I quietly let the tears roll down my face. This talented human did the song that had come to mean so much to me justice on such a level.

So, for once dear readers, you have had a pure and emotional moment from me and it’s all thanks to Dermot Kennedy.

Moving on to the rest of his set, I cannot fault this incredibly talented man. Every note, every word, every beat hit me right in the feelings.

I have to say even though the set was short, it was perfect. I honestly do not think I could say a bad word about it even if I tried.

One thing I’ve become very good at in my time of music writing and photography, I notice moments. There was an incredibly beautiful one this night. The crowd was singing Dermot’s lyrics back to him, a full room just appreciating the words he had written. A little smile crossed his face and his eyes lit up. That’s something for me that shows an artist really cares about what they do. The impact they have on people.

I honestly think that Dermot Kennedy is one of the best artists of our generation. I say that, hand on my heart. I know for a fact that he will be something I will play to my children one day. He will be that artist that when I’m old and I’m doing the dishes, I’ll start humming one of his songs.

His new music, his old music; it’s all bangers. All of it. I don’t think I’ve heard one song I didn’t like. Not a singular song. That’s really really rare for me.

If you have to get a ticket for a live gig, if you pick one artist to go and see. Make it this one. Pick this one. I will pick this one every time.

The people I dragged with me were also hit by just how good Dermot Kennedy is. They felt the feelings I had been feeling this past few months. They finally understood why this singer meant so much to me. I hope you’ll give him a listen and see also.

So let me now talk about the album itself. I’ve had it on repeat since the release. I wont lie to you when I say the first time I heard it, I sobbed. It’s one of the most beautiful albums I have ever heard. The emotion and passion is felt in every track. I am in love with everything about this record. This may be the best album I have ever heard. Has Dermot warmed the heart of this cold and some what broken blogger? I truly believe he has.

You can check out Dermot’s Instagram here, Website here, Twitter here, Facebook here and Spotify here. I have also banged him onto the Kiss of Beth’s reviewed playlist that you can check out here.

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