Let’s talk about Meghan Herring, drummer of Doll Skin.

Welcome back home slices,

In the second part of my inspirational women pieces, I bring you the incredible drummer from Doll Skin, Meghan Herring.

Image result for bow down gif

This is an accurate representation of me listening to the drumming talents of Meghan Herring

Being a drummer, I find myself in awe of Herring and her talents. Sat at my kit for hours with her as an inspiration for the musician I know I can be.

For anyone who has ever been truly inspired by a musician and their music you’ll understand why I have to write this piece. Herring’s talent is so evident, that it makes me want to be a better drummer. It makes me want to work to hit that level.

I sit and I listen to her rhythm and the way she plays. For me, it’s insane how one person can cause such a fire up my ass when it comes to percussion. A person I’ve never met but their music inspires me not only to up my percussion game but also makes me totally a badder bitch every time I listen to it.

If you think I wont be booking tickets the minute they go live for any UK tour dates… I need to be at a live show and experience her drumming live.

In this piece I have to celebrate not only the incredible drumming talents of Herring but the entire band that is Doll Skin. If I am having a bad day, this is the band I turn too. This is the band that spin that bad day right around. For a band that I stumbled across one day, their music has become incredibly important in altering my mood.

If you haven’t heard Herring’s band you can check them out on Instagram here, Facebook here, Twitter here and Spotify here. You can also check out their website here.  They have also been added to the Reviewed on Kiss of Beth’s Spotify playlist – you can check it out here. You can also check Herring’s personal Instagram here.

Below I was lucky enough for Herring to answer some questions for me and this piece. Y’all if you think I didn’t excited squeak when she responded and agreed. I am in bold as always because I am a bold bitch.

 1 – Who influences you? Who inspired you? 

I have a whole lot of influences! One that I’ve been obsessing over for a long time is Aaron Gillespie, the drummer from Underoath. He’s such a phenomenal player AND singer. He’s a big inspiration for me.

2 – What have you got planned for 2020? 

We’re currently beginning writing for our 4th album (what the HELL? How is it our 4th album already??). But in March we’re doing a headlining tour, then a tour where we’re opening for Anti Flag! We’ve got a few more huge announcements under wraps for this year for sure.

3 – Any plans for a UK tour? 

I can’t say nuthinnnn😉

(total side note Meghan, if you play the UK… I would love to interview you personally)

4 – What does music mean to you? 

Music is who I am. It is the very foundation of me as a human being. It’s the reason I have the friends I have. It has created a world of love and positivity for me. It’s my career. It’s my everything.

5 – What is your greatest musical achievement to date?

I am very lucky to say it’s hard for me to choose. One thing that stands out to me is going on tour with New Found Glory, a band that I grew up listening to. When we played our hometown date in AZ, they let me play My Friends Over You with them. It was a surreal moment for me.

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