COVID-19. Stay the fuck at home.

Welcome back my homies,

Tonight we are talking about the GLOBAL pandemic that is COVID-19.  We are currently having to stay at home to minimise the spread of this pain in the ass virus. This is social distancing my friends.

Our pubs are closed. That’s how serious it is. We have closed pubs. Please name another time in history that the UK CLOSED THE FUCKING PUBS. We will not be going to the Winchester. We will not be having a pint. We will not be waiting for all of this to blow over from the safety of our local.

Now let me say this for those in the back that can’t hear… STAY THE FUCK AT HOME UNLESS ITS 100% NEEDED FOR YOU TO LEAVE.

I really don’t get what is so difficult to understand around this. Social distancing / isolating yourself helps drop the curve that this shitty virus has taken. You may not be showing symptoms of the virus but you could still be a carrier.With every step outside you have no idea who you’re infecting. You may recover perfectly fine if you get this bullshit virus, but what if you infect someone who doesn’t? You’re gunna feel like a massive prick aren’t ya?

Now we are all about 7 days into the lockdown. I’m barely keeping sane. I, for one, am not good at being in the same four walls for what will now be weeks.

For someone like me, with questionable mental health at best, this is going to be a very trying time. Spending so much time in my house, I will only end up in my own head. I know I am not the only one who will feel like this. So. if you’re struggling – please feel free to reach out to me here or slide in any of my DM’s. Let’s talk.

Now I want to discuss something that has been driving people mad. You do not need to go to the shop every day Debrah. You really don’t. Buy everything you need and go home. Top up when you need to, which isn’t every day. You’re putting extra strain on resources. Stop.

What can we all do to keep ourselves sane during this time? I’ve compiled a list of a couple of things below!

Download the Houseparty app. – This app is a wonderful way of video chatting and playing games with your pals during lockdown. It’s hectic as you’ll sometimes get pulled into random chats or people will join your room outta no where if you don’t lock it. Plus prepare for the worst camera angels you’ll ever see.

Group chats / general chats  – Now is a perfect time to put together that family / friendship group chat so you can all keep up with whats going on in each others lives.

It’s also a perfect time to reach out to friends and check on how they are doing. It’s a really good time to reconnect with  the people you love.

If you’re feeling it, you can reach out with the people you’ve drifted from or had fights with. Reach out a build the bridge back if that is someone you want back in your world.

Try that haircut / colour you’ve always wanted to try – What is stopping you? Shave it. Dye it. I bet it will look bad ass bitch.

Download TikTok and learn the dances. Don’t pretend like you have something better to do. – I’m not going to lie, TikTok is so good. There is plenty of hilarious trends and dance moves you can have a crack at. You can follow me at @bethfacenoway. I’m not funny. You’re warned.Mines pretty much all me ranting about shit.

Finish that game you started forever ago. – We all have that one game on some console that we never finished. You got time. Do it.

Don’t do what I do and stick and poke tattoos onto your body. What can I say? I’m officially daddy af.

Let me finish this piece with a shout out to the incredible work by the key workers of this world. NHS staff, store staff, posties.. all of you who are out working during this time, you’re freaking superstars. Thank you for everything you’re doing, when we can high five again… You’re getting them all.

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