Open Mic at the Fiery Bird, Woking

Welcome back sugars,

So I am back at the wonderful Fiery Bird in Woking. This time covering their Open Mic night that happens every Monday. Go down, check it out – doors are at 8pm and honey you will have so much fun.

If you read my last piece on the Fiery Bird, you’ll know my love for this venue. You can check out this piece here.

First of all, I certainly can get behind any venue that I can blend into the bathroom walls. Honestly if my hair was still black, I would have looked like a floating head. I’m here for it. I have included a nice photo of me against the ballroom wall. This photo actually sparked a series of photos that my friend now gets in any public bathroom, entitled “Does Beth match the bathroom wall or na?”


Another reason I love this venue is the sign below. The Fiery Bird as a venue is an inclusive venue. It doesn’t matter who you are, it doesn’t matter your sexual orientation; your gender or your race – you’re accepted and loved within this place. I love that and I live for that. There is nothing I don’t love about this venue. My heart has well and truly been given to this place.

not tolerate.jpg

You can check them out on Facebook here, Instagram here and Twitter here. Do yourselves a favour and get down to this venue. Book this venue. Get behind this venue.

So let’s get into it.


So, we got to the venue just before Clayton got on stage.

He has an EP coming out soon, so I am incredibly interested to see what that is going to be like. It’s clear that Clayton is incredibly passionate about his music and singing. It’s certainly translates when he is on stage.

Treating us to an original and an Adele cover, I was sat humming along for sure.

Hit me up when you release your EP and let’s do something.


Chris and Stuart 

Chris and Stuart were not scheduled to play this evening but, due to a little bit of free space and time, they hopped on stage to play some completely unplanned music.

It worked, they worked together. You can tell these guys are passionate and they bounce well off each other. Not surprising when they have been playing with each other for so long (8 years)

I’d be interested to see what else these guys can do. Hit me up when you next play.


Autism With Attitude 


What can I say I am always behind a band that bashes out a Busted cover. Busted are my jam. Especially Year 3000, what a banger. I was certainly singing along at the back there giving it everything I had.

There is nothing not to like about these guys. Their message is so wonderful and I am on board with it. They want to drive home the message that no matter who you are, you should be who you want to be. Their goal is to put people on the spectrum on the map.

I couldn’t be more invested in their original song Be Who You Are. The positivity in it is just so so wonderful. I’m so down for this. It touched my soul in a way I didn’t know was possible.

They are both such talented artists thats for sure. Ben’s voice hits me on a level. Once the open mic was done, there was a group jam. Ben covered Superstition, lord boy. I was down for that. Your voice, I’m here, I’m ready, give me more please.

Check these guys out on Facebook here.


I’m really sorry, I missed your name and I cannot find it anywhere…

Once your guitar was correctly plugged in and I could hear you, off your Bob Dylan/ Tom Petty vibes hit me. That voice of yours bowled me over.

You’re clearly incredibly talented. I really look forward to hearing you again good sir.



I only have one thing to say about you Stuart. Give me more voice.

You clearly love playing guitar and it’s a passion for you but when you opened your mouth, honey I was stunned. You have a hell of a set of lungs sir. Please please, use that more.



Jake. Honey. Jake. We need to talk. I think I love you.

You’ve got a girl legit obsessed with your voice. I could sit and listen to your voice for hours and hours. You give me Ben Howard / Jason Mraz vibes and this blogger is on board honey.

You were a surprise. I wasn’t expecting you. I’m so glad you pulled up and gave me what I needed. I woo’d. I woo’d for you Jake and I don’t woo for many. You honey tho, are woo worthy.

I would pay some serious money to see you on stage. Please send me your dates sir because I wanna write about you, I wanna see you again. I want to listen to you for hours and hours. Give me what I need Jake.

You’re talented. There is no doubt about that. I can see you going so far in this crazy musical world.

Check him out on Youtube here, Instagram here and Facebook here.


Mike and Angel

Angel floored me. He is utterly insane. Taken on a musical journey on his cello, I was floored. He is incredibly talented. Taking me from wedding vibes (a girl was right about ready to grab Jake and throw on a veil.. Sorry Jake) to movie themes.

One second I felt like I was on the titanic, then as if I was pottering round Jurassic Park. The addition of the hitty box was just perfect. These two compliment each other flawlessly.

Hit me up when you play again, I’m invested and I’d like to see you again.


Sean from Tidal Maze

Honey your voice. Offfff, I am down for that.

I was knocked back. I was hit. She was floored. Consider her death dropping and her wig was snatched

Image result for death drop gif


It’s incredibly refreshing to hear a voice like yours sweet pea. I heard you also have an EP coming out. HIT ME UP. I want to review this for you honey. I wanna hear you recorded. You excite this icy blogger.

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